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Online Qi Gong

Qi Gong is conscious movement designed to optimize breath, energy flow, flexibility, strength and coordination in a calm and meditative state. The movements are flowing and gentle but the effects are powerful and invigorating for both body and mind.

In Qi gong we find a dimension that is often missing in other forms of exercise where the emphasis is mostly on the muscular strength and physical structure. That dimension is awareness, i.e. a concentration of inner power reinforced by conscious breathing.

Another important aspect of Qi gong is to experience different expressions of energy in the body. Qi gong literally means "energy work", or more figuratively translated: "cultivating life energy". Here we have the opportunity to create and experience both subtle but also vibrating and pulsating energy in our muscles, joints, bones, connective tissue and a communication system in the form of our energy pathways.

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During the summer we offer online Qi Gong Courses

You can join from wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection and Zoom software or app. The classes are 45 minutes long. Sign up by emailing me at, make a payment of 8 euros/dollars to through PayPal and you will receive the zoom link.

We prefer to hold the courses with all participants physically present, since we create Qi when we do Qi Gong together and that is always the best way. However, many people have asked for Qi Gong classes during the summer and since we have no opportunity to hold regular classes, we have chosen instead to teach onl
ine. We have many followers who do not even live in Uppsala, so for them this will be an excellent solution! Another advantage is that we will offer different times, so it can work even if you have difficulty joining certain days and times.

Here are dates and times for the second half of June:

Sunday, June18, 11am CET

Tuesday, June 20, 6 pm CET

Sunday, June 25, 4 pm CET

Wednesday, June 28, 11 am CET

More dates will be posted shortly.

Make sure you are somewhere quiet and preferably without a lot of stuff around you. If you prefer to be outdoors, that's great. You can use a mat if you want, but it's not absolutely necessary.

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