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Vill du få hjälp med att utföra dina yogaövningar på ett korrekt sätt? Vill du få starkare bål och croremuskler? Har du problem med höfterna eller axlarna och vill få bukt med det? Är du stel och vill få upp din rörlighet? Vill du få tips för bättre andning?
Få hjälp och coaching av Marina. Läs mer.

Chris McAlister tillsammans med shiatsu-kollegorna Jeremy Halpin och Jan Nevelius har gett ut boken "Touching the Invisible". Läs mer.

Touching the Invisible

Låt dig bli inspirerad av Lena Nordvall på Facebook.

Lena vill inspirera genom att skriva blogg om sina egna iakttagelser och upplevelser. Hon väver in det andliga i det vardagliga och vice versa.

Öronakupunktur inom Psykiatri

Kajsa Landgren, akupunktör och forsakre inom öronakupunktur, och tre kollegor har publicerat en studie om effekterna av öronakupunktur inom psykiatrisk vård. Effekterna var väldigt positiva - inte bara för patienterna utan även för terapeuterna!

Studien skrevs på engelska:

Three descriptive categories emerged:
- person-centered care
- another tool in the toolbox
- strengthening the profession

Öronakupunktur inom psykiatri

Acupuncture helped professionals to build a trustful relationship and communicate with their patients, verbally and non-verbally.

Professionals perceived that patients trained their social skills while participating in acupuncture, and that the treatment helped patients to influence their subjective psychiatric health through gaining control over symptoms.

Participants perceived ear acupuncture to be an effective and safe therapeutic tool, easy to use in concert with other methods and easy to adjust to the patients' needs and requests. They perceived that their professional self-confidence increased when having this non-verbal, person-centered and non-pharmacological tool in their hands as a complement to ordinary care.

The finding shows ear acupuncture as a safe treatment and promising in relieving psychiatric and somatic symptoms. Acupuncture facilitates the communication with patients, emphasizing participation and shared decision-making, valuable dimensions of person-centered care.

Vi på AlternativAkademin använder öronakupunktur för att hjälpa och stödja människor med olika grader av psykiska, emotionella och andliga utmaningar. Ring och boka tid för öronakupunktur. Du kommer att vara överraskad över vad man kan åstadkomma med enkla medel...!



Studie om effekterna av Shiatsu och Mindfulness:

Shiatsu as a Gateway to Mindfulness

It will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the smooth and surprising magic that is Shiatsu that treatments with our wonderful mtethod can help people achieve and maintain a state of mindfulness. That is what the German Shiatsu association nevertheless set out to prove with the help of researcher Achim Schrievers and Fachhochschule Coburg.

Unsurprisingly, people receiving a series of 8 shiatsu treatments were more easily able to attain and maintain a state of mindfulness than subjects who only performed standard mindfulness exercises without receiving Shiatsu treatments. Subjective stress sensations and burnout risk continuously decreased, while psychological well-being and general attentiveness continuously increased.

The recipients were all people in mental crisis who were waiting for a place in psychotherapy or a stay in a psychosomatic clinic. They received a series of 8 shiatsu treatments and their reactions were recorded over a three month period.

The study concludes that: "mindful touch in Shiatsu makes it easier for the client to feel his body and himself in his body and thus to find himself in a state of inner concentration and freedom of thought.

The combination of Shiatsu with mindfulness exercises have an effect on the entire body-spirit-soul-system of the human being and thus help with all illnesses and disturbances whose cause is to be found in an imbalance of the system. It is precisely these disorders that are difficult and costly to treat in conventional medicine...this could not only save many people a lot of suffering, but also the cost bearers a lot of money."

That is of course what we've been saying for thirty to forty years but it certainly doesn't hurt when research dots the "i"s and crosses the "t"s.

Informationen kommer från ESF: European Shiatsu Federation


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